Spanish Immersion Private and semi-private Tutoring Program

If you are interested in our Spanish Tutoring or if you have any question please let me know!

 Spanish Immersion Registration Open!

Our Ideas at  Spanish Immersion Tutoring Program

The goal of the Spanish Immersion Program is to have you or your children understand and use the Spanish language in everyday situations by:

  • Providing a non-threatening, engaging and interactive environment where students develop a love for Spanish language and culture.
  • Allowing the students to hear only Spanish during instruction time.
  • Using Spanish books, movies, games, toys, songs, numbers, alphabet, coloring books and other resource materials to complement and reinforce the teacher-led Spanish instruction.
  • Teaching about the Latin Culture through food, music, games, books, movies, holiday traditions, and stories.
  • Committing to a flexible environment based on respect for our students, our parents and teachers.

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